About Lawrya

LAWRYA is a full-service IP firm based in UAE, known for providing Intellectual Property and Related Services mainly throughout the Middle East and the World.

LAWRYA is committed to bringing the best IP experience to its Clients and Associates through its valuable knowledge, professional high quality services and best legal consultancy in the field of IP (Intellectual Property).

We provides worldwide IP Services including:

  • TRADEMARKS Registration and Maintainance.
  • PATENTS and DESIGNS Registration.
  • COPYRIGHTS and Related Rights Services.

LAWRYA founded and established by the perceptive of Tamim Fares, and by the guidance of his philosophy which is based on unwavering passion for excellence, achieving success and providing the best and high quality services with reasobale costs and effective solutions.

By the virtue of its motto

LAWRYA gives the best IP Services

And our Forumla is simple: Your target is Success. Our success is your satisfiction and LAWRYA is the Mean.


Your trust is so valuable and precious. So we work hard, and do limitless efforts to appreciate it.


We work from our heart and soul. To give you the best and high quality services.


Our ongoing learning and development. Makes us do the best and we do it well.

Our Clients